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Leaders of the Group went deep into all ownership enterprises and projects under construction to inspect work safety and epidemic prevention and control

Article Source: Party Committee Propaganda Department Author: Date: 2022-10-01 Visits: 3791

In order to ensure the safe production of enterprises and the stable and orderly prevention and control of the epidemic during the National Day,10月1日,Group Party secretary, chairman, general manager Sun Guochen,Deputy Party Secretary, trade union chairman Li Yadong,Party committee member, chief engineer Li Changshan,Deputy General manager Hu Yuetao led the group's engineering management department, comprehensive office and safety management Department,In the way of "four not two straight", the Group carried out inspections of safety production and epidemic prevention and control work in all ownership enterprises and some projects under construction。

In Daoli District of Harbin City 2022 old residential renovation project construction section 1 project project Department,Sun Guochen stressed in the inspection,To attach great importance to project safety production work,Firmly establish bottom-line thinking,Do a detailed hidden danger screening work,We will work hard and carefully in safety management,To ensure the realization of the "National Day", the Party's 20th National Congress and the whole year's security goals。

Sun Guochen pointed out that it is necessary to implement the spirit of the important meeting of the provincial Party Committee, the provincial SASAC and the Party Committee of the Construction and Investment Group on epidemic prevention and control, make every effort to grasp the epidemic prevention and control work, resolutely overcome the paralyzing thoughts, war-weary emotions, relaxed mentality, firmly grasp the normal epidemic prevention and control measures, and hold the project epidemic prevention and control position。

Sun Guochen said that in accordance with the requirements of the group's standardized series of atlas, the standardization construction of project safety production and corporate image should be implemented, and the principle of refinement, standardization and standardization should be adopted to further ensure construction safety, strengthen brand building, enhance the brand image of Longjiang Installation Group, and help enterprises achieve high-quality development。

In the inspection of each ownership enterprise, Li Yadong and his party carefully reviewed the epidemic prevention and control and duty situation of the organ, strictly checked the temperature registration form of the company's visitors and the plan for epidemic prevention and control work, and detailed the epidemic prevention and control measures such as daily elimination of the duty room and the management of personnel entering and leaving the office。Li Yadong stressed,Each ownership company should stand on the political height of resolutely supporting the "two establishment" and achieving the "two maintenance",We are fully aware of the critical importance of epidemic prevention and control,Resolutely shoulder the political responsibility of "safeguarding the safety of one side",Strictly implement the system of good shift leaders on duty and staff on duty 24 hours on duty。Consolidate the responsibility for normal epidemic prevention and control, strictly implement the provincial, municipal and district epidemic prevention and control policies, and do a good job of precise epidemic prevention and control during holidays, and always maintain high attention, high vigilance and high responsibility。We will strictly implement the information registration of foreign workers, take measures to check their temperatures, wear masks, and scan codes, resolutely prohibit the epidemic prevention work from going through formalities, and fully strengthen the epidemic prevention and control defense。

In the student apartment project of Heilongjiang Institute of Technology, Li Changshan and Hu Yuetao focused on supervision and inspection of production safety work, and detailed understanding of project progress, personnel flow, temperature measurement records, nucleic acid detection and other conditions。Inspection and supervision team through the field view, read the safety industry information,The safety production of the project has been comprehensively and carefully inspected,Emphasize that the project staff should attach great importance to safety production work,Take the initiative,Guard to the death,Strengthen security risk detection,Avoid security risks in all aspects,Strictly abide by the rules and regulations of production safety,Implement measures,We will comprehensively control the weak links and key inputs in production safety,Implement responsibility and measures to every post, every employee and every work link,Comprehensively strengthen safety management,We will strive to prevent and control potential risks,To build first-class projects,Tree image,First class team。At the same time, it is important to work tirelessly to prevent and control the epidemic, always tighten the grip of epidemic prevention and control, enhance the awareness of responsibility and potential dangers, adhere to the bottom line thinking, make emergency plans, and take concrete measures to prevent and control the epidemic。

The leaders of the group went deep into the grassroots to inspect work safety and epidemic prevention and control,It is not only the Party Committee of the Group to implement the spirit of the Construction and Investment Group's 2022 economic operation analysis and the three-year action work Conference to win the reform of state-owned enterprises, but also the arrangement and deployment of Zhou Jun, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Construction and Investment Group, vice chairman and general manager of the work safety,It is also the group's measures to strengthen safety work,Compaction depends on work responsibility,Effective measures to further strengthen work safety and epidemic prevention and control lines。The Group will resolutely maintain the responsibility of keeping the soil, keeping the soil responsible, keeping the soil responsible,Press, compact, and press the responsibility into place,Establish the idea of playing chess next to the next,Work safety, epidemic prevention and control work is closely linked to the overall work objectives of the enterprise,Ensure that the Group's work is in place,To create a safe and stable environment for the victory of the Party's 20th National Congress。