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Longjiang Installation Group held a conference on "emancipating the mind and high-quality development" and "Looking back"

Article Source: Party Committee Propaganda Department Author: Release Date: 2022-10-11 Visits: 3088

On October 11, the Party Committee of Longjiang Installation Group held a meeting on "emancipating the mind and high-quality development" and "Looking back" to promote the work, and deployed and promoted the group's "emancipating the mind and high-quality development" and "looking back"。

Group Party secretary, chairman, general manager Sun Guochen presided over the meeting and delivered a speech。The group leadership team in Kazakhstan, the Group Party Committee office, the Party Committee Organization Department, the Party Committee propaganda Department, the general Party branch secretary of the organ, the secretary of each branch attended the main venue;The deputy secretary of the general Party branch of each ownership enterprise and the director of the Party office attended the meeting in the branch venue。

Sun Guochen stressed that it is necessary to deepen ideological understanding and deeply understand the importance of carrying out "looking back" work。集团各级党组织深入学习贯彻习近平总书记对东北地区和黑龙江省的重要讲话、重要指示精神,Implement the spirit of Secretary Xu Qin's speech at the conference on promoting the activities of "Capacity Style Construction Year" in the province,Unify the thought and action to the deployment requirements of the provincial Party Committee, the provincial SASAC Party Committee, and the Party Committee of the Construction and Investment Group on the "Capacity style Construction Year",From the height of politics,Deeply recognize the necessity and importance of "looking back" work,Resolutely find and rectify the problems existing in the process of "emancipating the mind and high-quality development",Identify improvement initiatives,Through the "emancipate the mind, high-quality development" seminar activities,From the actual situation of the enterprise, to the problem,Identify the entry point, focus, and foothold,Remove the ideological barriers that restrict the development of enterprises,We will further stimulate the internal impetus for high-quality development。

Sun Guochen requirements, to strengthen responsibility, to do immediately style to promote the implementation of work。Group organs and ownership enterprises should focus on the problem, break the ice in thinking, improve the style of work, and seek efficiency in development,Conscientiously carry out the work of "emancipating the mind, high-quality development" and "Looking back",Continue to guide party members and cadres to look at issues from the perspective of the overall situation and the long-term development of enterprises,Further compaction responsibility,The problems existing in the ideology and style of cadres and the shortcomings and weaknesses of the development of enterprises are identified and substantiated。Dynamic management of the problem list ledger, check and change the problem, set up the bank, track and supervise the reconciliation number。It is necessary to strengthen organizational leadership, implement work responsibilities, and promote work implementation with the "four systems"。The special working group of the Group should strengthen the work supervision, and take on-site inspections, research discussions, random spot checks and other methods as appropriate to supervise and guide the branches of the organs and the Party general branch of the ownership enterprise。We must be problem-oriented,Recognize deficiencies and gaps,Have the courage to revolutionize yourself and confront the real,The good ideas, good measures and good methods formed in the rectification of problems,It is transformed into a hard and practical move to do a good job,We will continue to innovate working methods, break through development bottlenecks, and expand development space,Ensure that the study "look back" work is not empty, not empty, not biased,Truly promote the development of enterprises with higher standards and more practical measures。

Sun Guochen stressed that it is necessary to adhere to targeted policies and promote the transformation of results with the effectiveness of work。All departments of organs and ownership enterprises should further promote the construction of capacity style to achieve actual results, and vigorously promote the transformation of research results。In particular, two levels of team members are both decision-makers and facilitators,We must firmly grasp the rare policy "window period" and the development "opportunity period",Focus on the group's "12345" development strategy and "Southbound breakthrough" business strategy,Strengthen management and talent team construction,Fully promote the overall goal of "creating the most innovative, competitive and influential professional company"。We must have the courage and mind to innovate ourselves, jump out of the shackles of thinking, overcome objective difficulties, and study and propose reform measures in a proactive spirit。Party organizations at all levels of the group should expand on the typical guidance, actively submit the typical deeds that emerge in the work, and promote the development of the "capacity style Construction Year" activities to the depth。To grasp the key nodes in the work,Raise political standing,On the eve of the Party's 20th National Congress,In accordance with the group's work deployment of "resolutely focusing on the" three major events "of production safety, epidemic prevention and control, and petition and stability maintenance",Keep the big test going,Strictly prevent all kinds of risk accidents,Intensify publicity and education,Actively create a harmonious environment to welcome the Party's 20th Congress。