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Longjiang Installation: The development change behind the "10 billion" report card

Article source: Party Committee Propaganda Department Author: Release date: 2023-01-03 Visits: 2374

"Ten billion dragon An" mission urge, responsibility in the shoulder。On the last day of 2022, an exciting number triggered a warm response from the majority of Longan employees - the group's new contract amount reached 107.6.5 billion yuan, successfully promoted to 10 billion enterprises。This brilliant report card is the result of all the staff of the group to carry forward the spirit of struggle, practice hard work, and strive to overcome difficulties, and it is also a vivid practice of Longjiang Installation Group to implement the new development concept, promote high-quality development, and strive to achieve 10 billion blueprint。

Back in 2021, at the second session of the fourth Workers' Congress held by the group organs, all representatives reviewed and approved the "14th Five-Year Plan Outline for the reform and development of Heilongjiang Province Construction and Installation Group Co., LTD.", firing the starting gun for fighting for "ten billion Dragon 'an"。Building "Ten billion Dragon on" is the internal requirement of the Group to achieve high-quality development, and it is the beautiful expectation of all employees for the future of the enterprise。In just one year and three months,The Group focuses on the "12345" development strategy,Further unify ideas,Strengthen confidence in development,Actively seize political, policy, reform and market opportunities,Balance development and security,We will continue to make efforts in optimizing market layout, improving management, building talents, and leading science and technology,Created a new situation of enterprise development。

01 Adhere to "going out" harvest "good scenery"

The market, is the lifeline of the enterprise, is the growth of the fighting field!

Take the road of the market, is the only way out for enterprises, is the only way to develop and grow!

The broad market is the world for enterprises to create advantages and seek greater development, so how can we have a broad market?In the practice of development, Longjiang Installation Group has made it clear that the idea is to unswervingly go out。

In 2022, Longjiang Installation Group is firmly committed to the "southbound breakthrough" strategy, focusing on the "big market", "big projects" and "big customers", adhering to the concept of "coming from the market and going to the market", and is determined to "swim in the pool" in the provincial market, but also to the determination of "fighting in the sea" in the provincial and foreign markets。The pace of "going out" continues to accelerate, the number of "going out" areas continues to increase, and the field of "going out" continues to expand, and we strive to not only "go out", but also "integrate" and "take root".。Through the integration of regional companies to form a dominant force,The group focuses on the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Yangtze River Delta, Sichuan-Chongqing Economic Zone, and Northwest markets,Give full play to the advantages of localized companies,To the point with the surface,Radiation perimeter,Have a target in mind,Successfully signed a number of large projects and orders outside the province, such as Tianjin Jinan Kangcheng Project Construction general contract project, Yingkou Beihai Cancer Rehabilitation Hospital and Proton Center project, Longjing Border Economic Cooperation Zone Kaishantun Processing Industrial Park infrastructure construction project, Yanji Fuxinqiao general contract construction project。At the same time, it achieved new breakthroughs in foreign markets and successfully signed the Russian Baltic chemical complex project with a contract value of 8.6亿元。

The market is the most fair judge。In recent years, competition in the construction market has intensified, and the COVID-19 epidemic has had an impact on market development。In the face of difficulties, the group team evaluated the situation, clearly took the idea of professional development, coordinated and optimized the layout, stared at the main direction of attack, and actively attacked in the professional fields of housing construction, municipal administration, and mechanical and electrical engineering。Hubei Energy Yicheng East Bay 100MW photovoltaic power generation project PV field Section II project, CGN Zhaoyuan 400MW offshore photovoltaic project successfully signed,It is the fruit of the group's focus on wind power projects,It has laid the foundation for the green transformation development of enterprises.The EPC general contract project of local supporting stormwater drainage channel of Harbin Airport Phase II expansion project was signed,It filled the gap in the group's performance in the construction of water conservancy facilities。In 2022, there are 25 projects worth more than 100 million yuan in the group's new contracts, of which 46 are construction projects.12%, installation engineering accounted for 15.17%, municipal engineering accounted for 29%.23%, chemical engineering accounted for 9.48%, in the focus on the main business, the development of emerging markets, Longjiang installation Group is taking a solid pace of progress。

In addition, the Group continues to consolidate relations with long-term partners and actively participates in local economic development and social construction。Up to now, the Group has carried out strategic cooperation with 8 cities, counties, districts and 4 large enterprises in the province, and signed 57 construction contracts with a cumulative amount of 1.8 billion yuan。At the same time, look at the domestic market, and strengthen cooperation with Xuyang Group, Nine Dragons Paper and other enterprises。From strategic leadership to practical breakthroughs, from traditional business to explore emerging markets, from the provincial installation of enterprise leaders to based on the center, radiation nationwide;From a single "breaking into the market" to the establishment of cooperation "creating the market", the Group's market development has achieved multi-directional expansion, multi-point flowering, and harvested a large "good scenery.。”

02 Deepen the "reform road" and take the "management step"

To achieve 10 billion dragon safety, we can not rely on the old road, reform, innovation and truth。Longjiang Installation Group firmly grasped the historical opportunities and reform opportunities brought by the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform,To comprehensively deepen reform of the "1+N" system as a guide,On the basis of improving the modern enterprise system,To improve the quality and efficiency as the core,Take resource optimization and integration as the starting point,We have established a mechanism for tackling difficult problems in comprehensive reform,And constantly change according to the situation,Innovate the mode of development,Make top-level design,Focus on key reform tasks,Energize the reform and development of enterprises。

In the past two years, the Group has continuously enhanced its awareness of corporate benefit and risk by paying close attention to key management links such as cost, safety and quality, and gradually improved its corporate management level。Compiling and issuing standardized atlas of enterprise safety, quality, production and image,Strengthen project standardization construction;Establish a three-level control and two-level accounting system structure,Form the whole process of the whole chain dynamic cost management,Improve project cost management level,To realize the transformation from "extensive management" to "fine management";Promulgated the Contract Management Measures,Control the whole process of the project;Formulate and improve the Measures for the Management of Subcontractors of Engineering Construction (Trial) and Measures for the Management of Labor Services,Promote project management to be more rigorous, standardized and fine;We will strengthen vertical management of audit work,Preparation of standardization manuals for audit work,Strengthen the application of audit results;Establish the chief quality officer system,Play an active role in the implementation of strategies, quality improvement and innovation, quality education and training;Formulate the procurement management system and revise the Measures for the Management of Material Procurement,We will strengthen procurement supervision,Ensure that enterprise procurement sunshine, open, transparent...Focus on management, improve efficiency and promote development,"Ten billion dragon" does not exist in numbers,It is a systematic reshaping of institutional mechanisms。

03 Play the "talent card" play the "innovation chess"

Talent is the first resource and the foundation of a strong enterprise。The Group attaches great importance to the construction of talents, and constructs a new system of talent construction through the comprehensive and in-depth implementation of three institutional reforms。It has formulated and introduced a number of systems such as "Heilongjiang Province Construction and Installation Group Co., LTD. 's short-term and medium-term (2020-2022) Talent work Plan", "Heilongjiang Province Construction and Installation Group Co., LTD.' s talent incentive Measures" and "14th Five-Year Plan" for talent development of Heilongjiang Province Construction and Installation Group Co., LTD,Build a platform for the growth of outstanding talents,We will increase incentives for employees with outstanding contributions。Continuously optimize the structure of the talent team, accelerate the staff "can enter and exit", in the past three years, the Group eliminated 735 redundant personnel, and introduced 523 talents through school recruitment and social recruitment, and stored energy for the development of enterprises。

Scientific and technological innovation is the inexhaustible driving force for the development of enterprises, and it is also the "life door"。The Group strives to implement the new development concept, accelerate the transformation of kinetic energy, transformation and upgrading, take excellence as the main line, reform and innovation as the fundamental driving force, and promote the core business of the enterprise to make new breakthroughs through concept innovation, management innovation and technological innovation, so that the development of scientific and technological innovation and high-quality development of enterprises resonate with the same frequency。In 2022, the Group concluded 526 research and development audits, and invested 2.14亿元。Actively study new processes, new methods and new technologies. Through technical transformation and innovation in the construction process, the purpose of cost reduction and efficiency increase has been achieved. The conversion rate of project results has exceeded 70%, and the mutual transformation and virtuous cycle between construction results and site control have been realized。

Chang 'e heaven Shuguang sleeve, dragon diving deep sea。With the newly signed contract amount exceeding 10 billion as a new starting point, in the future, Longjiang Installation Group will continue to adhere to the new development concept, work together, continue to struggle, stride forward toward "creating the most innovative, influential and competitive professional company", and play a new movement of high-quality development!