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Li Yaosheng line to the group Harbin electric plant pumped storage project to carry out a major accident hidden dangers special inspection and "summer cool" activities

Article source: Party Committee Propaganda Department Author: Release date: 2023-07-09 Visits: 815

Hot summer to send cool, silk silk care into the heart。7月4日,Construction investment Group deputy secretary of the Party committee, trade union chairman Li Yaosheng,Hu Xiaojiang, general manager of science and Technology Development Division of Construction Investment Group, and six people went deep into the pumped storage project of Harbin Electric Plant of Longjiang Installation Group to carry out special supervision of major accidents,And carry out the "heart line · Summer to send cool" condolence activities,I visited the project staff who fought on the front line in the hot summer,Gifts such as watermelon and mineral water were sent to them。

Construction investment Group trade union office deputy director Zhang Yu,Wang Yulin, deputy general manager of Science and Technology Development Division,Wang Ji, Assistant general manager of Science and Technology Development Division, and Han Guanglei, supervisor;Longjiang Installation Group deputy Party secretary, trade union chairman Li Yadong,Members of the Party committee, deputy general manager Li Xueru and the relevant departments and offices of the group organs, members of the team of Longan Five company, and managers of the pumped storage project Department participated。

Li Yaosheng and his party had a detailed understanding of the enterprise development history of Longjiang Installation Group, the basic overview of key engineering projects and pumped storage projects, the current construction progress, construction quality control and other situations, and conducted a detailed investigation on the project safety production through on-site inspection and consulting the internal industry and other ways to put forward rectification suggestions。The inspection team stressed that the safety work is important, there is no slack, and it is necessary to always put the safety work in a prominent position, further improve the management level of safety production and engineering quality, and always keep awake and alert。It is necessary to strengthen the inspection and risk understanding of the project deep foundation pit, temporary electricity, lifting and hoisting,Project related personnel should stick to their posts and perform their duties seriously,Implement the management of production and living area of construction site,And targeted to do a good job of safety technology disclosure and front-line practitioners of safety education,Ensure that safety is put in place,Resolutely prevent accidents,Build and hold the line of safety。To the problems and weak links found in the inspection, timely implementation of rectification, further complement their own work shortcomings, and constantly consolidate the foundation of safety and quality management。Longjiang Installation Group is in charge of security and the main person in charge of each ownership enterprise should take this joint inspection as an opportunity,Timely lead the team to carry out in-depth supervision and inspection,Pay close attention to key areas, key links and key positions with weak security foundation, greater risks and many hidden dangers,Be true to the truth,Make thorough inspection, in-depth investigation of risks and hidden dangers, and strict control of safety accidents。

During the condolences, Li Yaosheng, on behalf of the Party Committee of the Group and the trade union organization, conveyed the sincere greetings and deep concern of Zhou Jun, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Group, vice chairman and general manager of the Group, to the front-line staff and workers, and expressed heartfelt thanks and sincere greetings to the majority of cadres and workers fighting in the frontline of the construction project。He hoped that the project department, while doing a good job in construction and production, always put the safety of front-line workers in mind, and should stand in the people-oriented, safeguard rights and interests, promote harmony and safety in production, strive to improve the working environment and living conditions of front-line workers, and effectively protect the life safety and physical and mental health of the majority of workers。

During the discussion, Li Yaosheng stressed that it is necessary to adhere to political construction as the leader and comprehensively strengthen the leadership and construction of the Party。Upholding the Party's leadership and strengthening the Party's construction is the glorious tradition of China's state-owned enterprises, and is the "root" and "soul" of state-owned enterprises.。We must continue to strengthen the Party's political construction, improve political judgment, political understanding, and political execution, maintain a high degree of consistency with the Party Central Committee in thought, politics, and action, and earnestly put the Party's political construction in the first place and unswervingly implement it。要增强“规矩意识”,严格遵守政治纪律和政治规矩,坚决贯彻重大事项请示报告制度,用习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想武装头脑、指导实践、推动工作,把“学思想、强党性、重实践、建新功”的总要求转化成自觉行动。It is necessary to adhere to self-confidence and self-reliance, with the core values of "holding one to forever, far from frontiers" and the enterprise spirit of "positive heart sincerity, vigorous self-improvement" to gather development strength and cheer up the spirit。

Li Yaosheng demanded that we should do a good job in the work of cadres and talents。We should enhance the awareness of talents,Establish a great talent view,We will further strengthen the construction of cadres and the reserve of human resources,We will take effective measures to revitalize existing personnel,Maximally mobilize and stimulate the enthusiasm of employees;Introduce a talent policy,We will allocate human resources more rationally and unleash their vitality,In particular, leading cadres at all levels should give full play to the leading role of the "key minority",Be the first in all things,Constantly enhance the majority of cadres and workers of the sense of responsibility, sense of responsibility and professional quality。同时,We must earnestly strengthen the building of community-level Party organizations,Give full play to the role of Party organizations as battle fortresses and party members as vanguard models,Combined with the "theme education", "work implementation year" and the Party Committee of the Construction Investment Group "casting the root soul, building achievements" three-year action activities for party building,Deeply learn Zhejiang "ten million project" experience,Truly improve ability, change style, implement and promote development。We must adhere to the principle of innovation, follow the laws and standards of market economy and engineering construction, and strengthen innovation and breakthroughs。把习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想中蕴含的道理哲理学理研深悟透,坚持问题导向,强化改革担当,坚持破除传统观念、习惯做法和路径依赖,把握新形势、研究新情况、解决新问题。要牢记我党“全心全意为人民服务”的宗旨和习近平总书记“一切为了人民”的理念,服务社会、服务职工,让职工和群众有获得感和幸福感。

Li Yaosheng stressed that safety in production should be fundamental to ensure quality and efficiency。Bearing in mind that production safety is the lifeline of enterprise development, Party organizations at all levels should effectively strengthen production safety management, make full use of the Party's innovative theory to improve the ability to prevent and resolve major safety risks, escort production safety for efficiency growth, and strive to eliminate and reduce the occurrence of safety accidents。We must thoroughly implement the spirit of the 13th Provincial Party Congress,The goal of building "six Longjiang rivers" will be well implemented in light of actual conditions,Fulfill one's original intention,Shoulder the task bravely,Give full play to the responsibility of state-owned enterprises,Enhance corporate brand influence,To improve the efficiency of enterprises, enhance the competitive strength of enterprises, and achieve high-quality development of enterprises as the starting point and goal of Party organization work,The results of enterprise development are used to test the work results and combat effectiveness of Party organizations。

Li Yaosheng pointed out that it is necessary to take employee satisfaction as the standard and improve the working standards of the trade union。Constantly enrich the group's trade union work brand of "gathering people's hearts, building a better future",Anchoring the strong enterprise goal of "building a large modern state-owned enterprise group with the most sense of mission and the most winning ability",Based on the new development stage, practice the new development concept, and integrate into the new development pattern,Under the guidance of the Construction and Investment Group's "casting root soul, building achievements" three-year party building action and "33455" three-year party building work pattern,We will strengthen care and care for cadres and workers, especially front-line workers,We will effectively enhance the physical and mental safety of front-line workers,Keep what employees think and expect in mind,Continuously increase happiness, sense of fulfillment and belonging。As a high-tech enterprise, Longjiang Installation Group should pay attention to the training of "Longjiang Artisans" and "great country artisans" and constantly enhance market influence。Next, the trade union of the Group will select typical and excavate typical technical talents through the skills competition organized by the trade union, so as to carry out continuous tracking and training, and rely on the enterprise's scientific and technological innovation talents and core competitiveness to achieve high-quality development of the enterprise。

At the end of the discussion, Li Yadong welcomed the arrival of Li Yasheng and his party, and quickly implemented the problems and suggestions put forward by the supervision and timely rectification to ensure that safety work is foolproof。And said that the Li Yaosheng line not only for the Long an five company pumped storage project department sent cool, supervised the safety, but also all the project personnel on a vivid party lesson。Longjiang Installation Group and the project departments will go all out to implement the next step, build quality projects and high-quality projects with practical actions, and contribute to the new journey of building 100 billion construction investment。