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Harbin Radio and Television Station, Harbin News Network and other media reported the group's old renovation project in the outside area of Harbin Dao

Article source: Party Committee Propaganda Department Author: Release date: 2023-09-02 Visits: 378

Recently, Harbin Radio and Television Station and Harbin News Network conducted an interview and report on the old residential renovation project (fourth section) of Daowai District of Harbin City, Longjiang Installation Group, and praised the project for leading the party construction and promoting the renovation of the old residential district。

The renovation of old residential areas is an important part of the implementation of urban renewal action, and it is also a major livelihood project to enhance the sense of gain and happiness of the people。In the renovation of the old community in 2023,Harbin Daowai District, Heilongjiang Province construction and installation Group,Take Party building as the guide,Set up the people's livelihood reception room at the project construction site ,Accurately meet the needs of the masses,Earnestly absorb and adopt the opinions and suggestions of the people,Really let the old residential renovation work not only "face" new,And "inside" solid,It has been widely recognized and supported by residents。

"This' livelihood reception room 'lets me speak my mind,I am also very happy with the response from the staff!"On the morning of August 29th,Aunt Liu, who lives in Songdian Community, came to the "People's livelihood reception room" set up in the Daowai District old community transformation headquarters.,To inform staff of the problem of poor drainage of existing rain fall pipes,In the construction of Heilongjiang Province Construction Installation Group Co., LTD. (referred to as "Longjiang Installation Group") "livelihood specialist" the first time reception,Record problems carefully,Analyze existing problems with Aunt Liu and come up with solutions。In less than 5 minutes, Aunt Liu found an "antidote" for the troubles in her heart and felt comfortable and warm。

Open the door and listen to the people。In the process of transforming the old community in 2023,Daowai District and project construction unit Longjiang Installation Group set up a joint party committee,Take Party building as the guide,Set up the people's livelihood reception room,Build a "smart site",Highlighting standardization, institutionalization, humanization and wisdom,Timely find and solve the residents' problems concerning the renovation of old residential areas,We will ensure that the process of the old reform is subject to public supervision and the effect of the old reform is subject to public inspection,We will do good deeds and deliver real results。

Party building leads to warm people's hearts -- "ten in one" management of cohesion

The renovation of old residential areas is not only a people's livelihood project, but also a popular project, and it is an important project for Daowai District to build a new model of "urban renewal" and help "livable and happy city"。In 2023, a total of 27 old residential renovation projects such as Songdian residential district and progressive residential District will be implemented in Daowai District, involving 10 streets, 19 communities, 135 buildings, 816 units and 1.610,000 households, total construction area of 99.410,000 square meters。The scope of renovation includes roof renovation project, exterior wall renovation project, municipal pipe network and courtyard renovation project, and stairwell building decoration project。In order to further strengthen the quality awareness, strict quality standards,Daowai District earnestly implements the working mechanism of territorial organization implementation, full participation of residents and active cooperation of departments,Established a joint Party committee with Longjiang Installation Group,It has 10 party branches,Hold regular meetings,Discuss and study the difficulties and blocking points encountered in the process of old reform,Through party building,Gather the red power,The establishment of the main leader of the district government as the general command,District-level guarantee leaders, sub-headquarters, territorial communities, whole-process consulting companies, supervision units, construction units, property enterprises, property rights units, resident representatives of the "ten-in-one" three-dimensional management model,In-depth inspection of construction progress, project quality, safety production, civilized construction and other key areas,Strictly control the construction team, renovation progress and project quality,Ensure that the concept of high starting point design, high quality construction, high level management and high efficiency promotion runs through the old reform work。

People's livelihood accounts to relieve people's difficulties -- "blockage" becomes "comfort"

"The outdoor rain pipe is broken,Hope to replace it during construction "" Live on the 5th floor,Bathroom is often blocked "" west bedroom leakage"...Open the "People's Livelihood Reception Ledger" of Daowai District Old residential Renovation Headquarters,The problems reported by residents are recorded in detail,Whether to reply, whether to deal with, whether satisfied and so on content clearly visible。Heilongjiang Province Construction and Installation Group Co., Ltd. in Daowai District old residential renovation headquarters project leader Wang Peng said,The transformation of old residential areas concerns the vital interests of the masses,To smooth the channels of residents' demands,Construction unit based on 27 project locations,There are 2 general reception rooms and 15 sub-reception rooms for people's livelihood,Determine the people's livelihood reception specialist,And publish the hotline number,Let the masses know and participate in the transformation work,We will mobilize public opinion, pool the wisdom of the people, gather the hearts of the people, and alleviate their difficulties。In the work, the staff adheres to the sincere treatment of the masses, the enthusiasm to solve problems, the patience to serve the masses, and the "four hearts" concept of quality ingenuity, earnestly absorbing and adopting the opinions and suggestions of the people, accurately docking the needs of the masses, responding to problems and solving demands in a timely manner。Up to now, the "People's livelihood reception Ledger" has recorded more than 500 appeals, with a completion rate of over 90%。"Although the problem we reflected was not within the scope of the old reform, the reception staff was eager to help solve it, and it felt very warm.。Daowai District Taiping community residents Ms. Wang said, A5 building downstairs there is no drainage well, resulting in sewer often blocked, so she and neighbors to find the "livelihood reception room", with the help of the construction unit, downstairs a new drainage well, the neighbors of the "blockage" has become "comfortable"。

Smart worksites improve efficiency - make the transformation process visible and supervised

Through the mobile phone APP, the large screen of the general control room, construction units, industry management departments, etc., can carry out real-time supervision of the site operation - in the process of transforming the old community in Daowai District, Longjiang Installation Group has built a "smart site" platform to help improve management efficiency。"The whole platform includes video surveillance, production management, safety management, environmental monitoring, labor management and other modules, and achieves full coverage of 27 projects.。Zhang Haotian, information specialist of Heilongjiang Construction and Installation Group Co., LTD., said that the old residential renovation project points are wide, and through the platform, you can view the working status of the specific work surface, completion, air quality in the working area, wind speed, and the real name system of operators。External wall insulation how many processes?What kind of technology is used in roofing construction?Where is the manufacturer of extruded board, benzene board and rock sliver?In the renovation headquarters of the old community in Daowai District, the construction unit also displays the materials and technological processes used in the old renovation project, so that the construction can be seen and supervised。"We will take the satisfaction of the people, whether they are happy or not, and whether they promise or not as the only criteria for testing the results of the renovation of old residential areas.,With the temperature, with the responsibility, with the mission of high quality and high standards to orderly promote the old reform project,Ensure that the transformation results are both "beautiful", "easy to live", and "praise",Let the people have a sense of gain, happiness and security。"Daowai District Party Committee deputy secretary, district mayor Li Hanlong said。