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Heart line warm Mid-Autumn Festival Sun Guochen line to the group under construction projects to carry out condolence inspection activities

Article source: Party Committee Propaganda Department Author: Release Date: 2023-09-29 Visits: 209

Full Mid-Autumn Festival, full of love long an。9月29日,Sun Guochen, Secretary of the Party Committee, chairman and general manager of Longjiang Installation Group, went to the training site and facility project of Heilongjiang Comprehensive Emergency Rescue Team, the renovation project of 2023 old residential area in Harbin (Section 4), and the basic reconstruction construction project of advanced manufacturing industry of pumped storage in Harbin Electric Machinery Factory,Carry out the "heart line, warm Mid-Autumn Festival" condolence inspection activities。Group Party committee member, chief engineer Li Changshan, Party committee member, deputy general manager Li Xueru, engineering management department general manager Wang Tiansheng, comprehensive office deputy director Jiang Cheng attended condolences;Long An two company, Long an four company, Long an five company and other relevant personnel accompanied。

In Heilongjiang Province comprehensive emergency rescue team training site and facility project,Sun Guochen and his delegation visited the project staff who adhered to the construction line during the festival,To send them fruits, rice and other condolence goods and condolence money,And send holiday wishes to you all,I hope they can also feel the warmth of "home" in the project,Have a warm and happy Mid-Autumn Festival。

At the project construction site, Sun Guochen asked about the progress of the project and the problems faced by the construction operation in detail, and gave full affirmation to the standardization construction of the project and the publicity of corporate culture。It is hoped that the project department, while grasping the construction and production, will always put the safety and warmth of front-line workers in mind, and effectively protect the life safety and physical and mental health of the majority of workers from the perspective of people-oriented, safeguarding rights and interests, promoting harmony and safe production。

Subsequently, Sun Guochen and his delegation came to the project department and told the project to focus on construction specifications, construction period, quality and safety。He required that the project department should fulfill the responsibility and mission of state-owned enterprises, overcome difficulties, bravely shoulder heavy responsibilities, and fully promote the construction of the project to ensure that the project is completed on schedule。Project youth are energetic, dare to fight and dare to break, is to promote the high-quality development of the enterprise "fresh blood", Sun Guochen encourages young workers to study hard, positive progress, inherit and carry forward the style of unity and hard work and "not afraid of hardship, can bear hardships" spirit。At the same time, Longan four companies should give full play to the fine tradition of "teacher and apprentice", do a good job of "pass along" work, help young people find the right direction of life and career direction, and build a solid foundation for the construction of talent echelons and the long-term development of enterprises。

2023 Old residential renovation Project in Harbin (Section 4),Sun Guochen, on behalf of the Party Committee of the Group, extended cordial condolences and heartfelt thanks to the frontline workers who still stick to their jobs and work hard during the festival,Moon cakes, fruits, drinks and other gifts were sent to them,Highly appraise their love and enterprise feelings of "giving up small families and caring for everyone"。Sun Guochen and his delegation inspected the construction site of Songdian Community project in Daowai District, listened to the project manager Wang Peng's report on the project progress, safety and quality, and gave practical guiding opinions for the problems encountered in the project transformation。Subsequently, an on-site office meeting was held in the conference room of the first branch of the old small area Renovation Project。

Sun Guochen stressed that we should put safety and quality work in the first place and always tighten the string of safety production。Strengthen the safety education of construction personnel, enhance the awareness of safety production, make all safety precautions detailed and solid, strictly prevent and keep a close watch, and resolutely prevent the occurrence of all kinds of safety production accidents。Under the premise of ensuring quality and safety, seize the construction progress, with the focus on excellence and the pursuit of excellence, and make every effort to promote the reconstruction task of the old community to speed up, improve quality and improve efficiency, to ensure that the old community transformation project draws a successful full stop。

In Harbin Electric plant pumped storage advanced manufacturing industrial infrastructure reconstruction project, Sun Guochen on behalf of the group sent holiday greetings and condolences to frontline employees。

Sun Guochen and his delegation went deep into the construction site, inspected the project situation and construction progress, and put forward guiding opinions。Sun Guochen fully affirmed the achievements of front-line cadres and workers,And talk with the staff,We asked about our life, work and study in detail,Understand the difficulties and needs of employees,After listening to the project leader's work report,He encouraged everyone to have firm faith,Always maintain good morale,Face the pressure correctly, relieve the pressure;Diligent in summary, good at summary,Benchmarking first-class project department,Constantly improve the quality of work, work standards。

On the next stage of work,Sun Guochen made three demands,First, we must persevere in the management of production safety,Take concrete and detailed measures to ensure production safety;The second is to further strengthen the on-site organization and management, construction plan pre-control management, and safety and quality hidden danger investigation during major holidays,The alarm bell keeps ringing.,Nip it in the bud,Ensure the steady progress of project construction;The third is to scientifically arrange the construction time,Under the premise of ensuring safety and quality,Promote project construction effectively, orderly and quickly。Keep an eye on the time node, reverse the construction period, precise policies, reasonable overall planning of construction forces, and constantly optimize the construction plan to ensure that the project is put into operation as soon as possible。The development of the Mid-Autumn Festival condolences inspection activities, so that front-line workers deeply feel the concern of the Group Party Committee, greatly encouraged the morale and energy of front-line workers, enhanced the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the project team, and laid a solid foundation for the successful completion of the project construction tasks。