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The battle of speed and efficiency is in full force. Heilongjiang Province Comprehensive Emergency Rescue Team training site and facility project construction documentation

Article source: Party Committee Propaganda Department Author: Release date: 2023-09-27 Visits: 139

The sky is high and the clouds are light, the cool wind is blowing, and under the warm autumn day, it is a busy and orderly, hot and dry construction scene。Heilongjiang Province Comprehensive Emergency Rescue team training site and facility project site, everywhere can be seen busy construction personnel, transport vehicles shuttling back and forth, all kinds of mechanical equipment is also full power, all the staff is for October 6 to complete the main project to launch a "sprint offensive"。

As a project to fill the gap of comprehensive rescue training ground in the province,Heilongjiang Province Comprehensive Emergency Rescue team training site and facility project to improve the public awareness of life safety and health and rescue skills as the goal,Construction of a variety of emergency rescue training ground,Both life safety experience and training teaching two functions,Lay a solid foundation for building a comprehensive and excellent mobile rescue iron army,After the completion of the project, it will comprehensively enhance our province's ability to prevent and resolve major safety risks and deal with various disasters and accidents。The project department of Heilongjiang Comprehensive Emergency Rescue Team Training Site and Facilities is well aware of the great responsibility and arduous task. From early planning and careful deployment before entering the field to the rapid opening of the construction work after entering the field, the project department has always made every effort to promote the project construction into the "fast lane" with a strong sense of responsibility and urgency.。

Careful deployment to accelerate project construction

Heilongjiang Province comprehensive emergency rescue team training site and facility project undertaken by Longan No. 4 Company,It is located in Wanbao Town, Songbei District, Harbin,The building area is 4410 square meters,It covers an area of 34,370 square meters,The contract value is 37.36 million yuan,Contract period 175 days,The construction includes 11 emergency rescue training fields, including mountain rescue training facilities, high-altitude rescue training facilities, building collapse accident handling training facilities, building component demolition and support training facilities,It is the largest comprehensive emergency rescue team training and training venue in China。

5 months construction period,Eleven training grounds,19 individual buildings...Facing the challenges of tight construction period, complicated process and large engineering quantity,Project manager Wang Lei led the staff of the project department to make a good "first hand chess" : keep an eye on the progress node,Reasonable arrangement of construction period,Schedule tasks ahead of time,Ensure that all processes are closely connected and resources are used rationally,Shorten the construction period,Improved overall efficiency。On July 6, the project entered the site for construction, levelled the land and set up temporary facilities;On July 20, the foundation stone laying ceremony was held;On September 10, the foundation project was completed.On September 26, the overall progress of the project was over 60% completed。

In order to ensure the progress of the project, the project department has made full efforts in each link and each process。19 individual buildings were constructed simultaneously;When materials are in high demand,Transport vehicles operate 24 hours a day,The staff worked three shifts,Make every effort to ensure material supply;When we grab the key points,Increase investment in equipment and manpower,The highest peak can reach 2-3 times the daily,Eleventh period,About 140 people will work on the project。

Promotion managementTo ensure the quality of the project

On the journey of striving for high-quality projects, the project department always puts "quality assurance" in the first place of all work, relies on rigorous, standardized and effective safety and quality assurance system as the basis, actively applies innovative technology, strengthens standardization construction, and provides strong guarantee for project quality with fine management。

Project construction, safety is the ballast stone。The project department adheres to the safety production policy of "safety first, prevention first and comprehensive treatment",Organize construction personnel to carry out safety education and safety training;Safety disclosure of each process;Set up 2 full-time security officers,Conduct routine inspection every day;Formulate and implement special construction plan for deep foundation pit,Take good measures to protect the edge of foundation pit,Fully implement all safety management measures,Establish security red line awareness and bottom line thinking。

Quality is the lifeline of fine engineering。The project department has established the quality management organization and defined the project quality responsibility system。Before the start of construction, the drawings were jointly reviewed, construction organization design, dewatering scheme, foundation pit support scheme, concrete scheme, etc., and experts proved the foundation pit support scheme and high support mold scheme with greater risk。Among them, the single project of highway traffic accident disposal facilities has reached 8 because of the height of the roof panel bottom from the ground.6 meters, belongs to the super dangerous project, the project department has prepared a special construction plan for high support mold, and the construction is carried out after the expert demonstration。The project department shall strictly control the quality of materials on arrival, prepare the material testing experiment plan, and prohibit the use of unqualified materials in the project after retesting。Strictly implement the "three inspection system" and the acceptance system of hidden works, so that the construction quality of key parts, key links and key parts can be traced。

In order to truly restore rescue scenes such as high-altitude, highway, railway, and building collapse, the project department actively carries out the secondary deepening design according to the specific requirements of the construction unit, and strictly screens the equipment and materials required for each scene to ensure that the training needs of the real scene are met after completion。

In addition, the project department also fully demonstrated the corporate image through the standardized construction of the construction site, office area and corporate image, increased corporate publicity, and was also recognized by the construction unit。

Overcome difficulties and fulfill our mission responsibilities

During the construction of the foundation of the comprehensive building, it was found that the bearing capacity of the base did not meet the design requirements when the foundation was slotted, and the project department immediately communicated with the design, timely adjusted the construction plan, and adopted the replacement of gravel 700mm for treatment。During the construction of the replacement work, the water level in the foundation pit increased again, increasing the difficulty of construction. The project department took timely drainage measures, and successfully completed the construction task after 22 days of intense construction, laying a solid foundation for subsequent construction。In order to recover the delayed construction period, the project department worked together, worked overtime, and adopted construction methods such as multi-process synchronous operation and multi-team cross-operation to ensure that the overall progress of the complex building was not affected。

The training site and facility project of Heilongjiang Comprehensive Emergency Rescue Team is an important measure to speed up the combat effectiveness of the provincial comprehensive rescue team, a major plan for the long-term development of the emergency rescue team, and an effective way to realize the modernization of the provincial emergency management system and capacity。The project department will continue to carry forward the Longan craftsman spirit of "concentration, excellence",Full sprint November 15 acceptance target,Ensure safety, quality and time limit,To help the modernization of emergency rescue forces with high quality and efficiency and timely performance of the agreement,To improve the province's major security risk prevention and emergency response capabilities to contribute to the strength of state-owned enterprises。